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Kyle StutzmKyle Stutzman Picturean brings financial and technology expertise to every conversation.  Kyle has developed and ran IT Systems for individual financial institutions as well as for multi-tenant community cloud environments with multiple geo-diverse data centers.  His passion is to help CU & Banks with better local storage & VM environment options.  Kyle focuses on helping those who own, run, and want to continue to run quality local VM and local cloud environments.  He uses his experience and contacts in the industry to help lower FI’s cost, give them time and trust worthy information to help choose the best local infrastructure environment, and give them options for performance, simplified management, or value based on the FI’s IT & Business strategy.

“The options most credit unions and banks have today for storage are not benefiting our industry.  We can either go directly to an OEM and be a tiny fish in a huge ocean which results in little buying power and no focus on our special industry needs.  Or we go to a local IT provider/reseller who often offers one storage option and still has limited knowledge of our industry and regulatory needs.  I decided to bring a 3rd option. LostCreek Fintech brings personalized service tailored to our FI and Healthcare needs but with the resources of a large storage broker. We add in new options where refurbished but guaranteed storage hardware reduces your cost while giving you the same big brand name hardware you know is reliable & that your team already knows how to use. You get the best of the previous options plus a high value bonus with our refurbished hardware and 3rd party maintenance support options.”

-Kyle Stutzman, LostCreek Fintech President/Founder

Engineers & Support staff:

Our highly trained staff consists of former OEM engineers that are certified in technologies from companies such as EMC, VMware, Hitachi Data Systems, Emulex, Brocade, Qlogic, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Cisco.  Our teams also go through internal training and benefit from living and breathing storage implementations, upgrades, moves, and solving issues.  While our team is always learning the newest features and about the latest storage trends, their experience allows them to quickly address & solve storage issue.

Service Commitment:

It is about you, your team, your goals, and helping you succeed.  We love working with financial and healthcare institutions and greatly value the relationships we develop. Our team works with you and your team to listen to and/or identify your long-term technology goals.  We then map out a path for achieving them in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.  We are commitment to working with you, as your partner to help develop and implement the correct solution to address your business and technology requirements.  We want you to experience a level of commitment, focus on your needs, & customer satisfaction that is second to none in the storage business.


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