Storage Brief – NetApp and SolidFire

 Storage Brief – NetApp and SolidFire

In Q4 of 2016 NetApp announced the acquisition of SolidFire and completed the acquisition this year, Q1 2016.

If you haven’t looked at SolidFire, here is a very briNetApp & SolidFireef overview.

  • SolidFire is all flash storage (competitors XtremIO, Pure Storage, etc).
  • It has all the things you expect from a current top tier solution:
    • Block level deduplication
    • Data protection and re-balance data after failure.
    • Easy scale-out storage
    • Simplified management compared to traditional storage
  • If it is like it’s competitors, what is unique and why buy it?
    • Performance, guaranteed performance
      • You can set QOS for I/O performance so your critical apps always have performance.  No more relying on alerts and searching through performance graphs to try and determine why your critical app’s storage is slow.

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