Storage Brief – Pure Storage

Storage Brief – Pure Storage

Pure StoragePure Storage is one of the leading all flash storage provider. Competitors are XtremIO, SolidFire, Nimble, etc.

Here is a quick summary for Pure Storage:

  •  All flash performance
  • Duplication and compression that meets or beats rivals
  •  Easy of management compared to legacy storage
  • In depth reporting on hardware, software, and performance that is for customer and also goes to Pure maintenance techs for an extra extension of your team.

What is unique? Why choose Pure Storage?

  • They are as much a software company as they are a hardware storage company.  All software/licenses/upgrades are part of their storage solution.  There are not module costs/tiers.  When you buy Pure Storage you get all the software features.
  • Upgrades & expansion without downtime.  This isn’t just for storage but also storage processor replacements and full upgrades to new/higher performance SPs.
  • Database (SQL & Oracle) and VDI focused for performance and deduplication space saving.
  • Unique upgrade/replacement Business Model – their Forever flash gives upgrades for storage processors when maintenance is renewed after 3yrs.  This can provide a more stable & predictable storage cost instead of the traditional 3-5yr capital refresh to get new performance.

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Storage Brief – NetApp and SolidFire

 Storage Brief – NetApp and SolidFire

In Q4 of 2016 NetApp announced the acquisition of SolidFire and completed the acquisition this year, Q1 2016.

If you haven’t looked at SolidFire, here is a very briNetApp & SolidFireef overview.

  • SolidFire is all flash storage (competitors XtremIO, Pure Storage, etc).
  • It has all the things you expect from a current top tier solution:
    • Block level deduplication
    • Data protection and re-balance data after failure.
    • Easy scale-out storage
    • Simplified management compared to traditional storage
  • If it is like it’s competitors, what is unique and why buy it?
    • Performance, guaranteed performance
      • You can set QOS for I/O performance so your critical apps always have performance.  No more relying on alerts and searching through performance graphs to try and determine why your critical app’s storage is slow.

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