Top 5 Benefits of Third Party Storage Maintenance

Third / 3rd Party Maintenance

Top 5 Benefits of Third Party Storage Maintenance

  1. Tailored SLAs to meet your needs and budget

    1. 24/7/365, business hours response only, or custom schedules
    2. proactive monitoring and quick issue response
    3. onsite or remote response
  2. No forced non-human automation system

    1. You have email and phone access to humans in our support center
    2. Direct access to talk & interact with level 3 Engineers when needed.
  3. Onsite hardware kits

    1. Immediate parts available for the most common failures already at your location.
    2. Hard drives, power supplies, and other critical parts can be pre-staged at your data center & replenished if needed by the system instead of waiting for a part delivery.
  4. Remote assistance provides quicker resolution

    1. We can save you time and money by remotely troubleshooting & administering SANs & NAS devices.
    2. We work well with remote smart hands or general technicians at your data center to walk them through hardware troubleshooting & hardware replacements.
  5. Lower Cost. We just cost less than OEM hardware support.

    1. While our service & storage solutions keep our customers engaged, the budget friendly pricing is extremely attractive for our industry that often must have two or more storage solutions for regulatory and compliance reasons.
    2. Our vast inventory of parts and efficient support teams allow us to be a high value partner for the financial and healthcare industries.

Bonus.  The Gift of More Time

  1. Don’t rush into a new storage solution decision. You can create time and space to evaluate what overall solutions are the best fit for your IT & business needs by moving to 3rd party maintenance.
  2. You can keep or extend the life of storage SAN and NAS equipment to meet lower performance production needs (development & programming, archiving, backup vaults or document storage) with confidence that your hardware is being monitored and maintained.
  3. You aren’t forced into upgrades or hardware replacements because of escalating OEM maintenance pricing. You have 3rd party maintenance options that many large companies discovered years ago and are now available to credit unions, banks, and healthcare institutions to give us another tool for accomplishing our goals.

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